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It’s not a granny flat.
It’s a Backspace

Granny flats so good your house will be jealous. No-one who sees a Backspace can believe how much space they get with our award-winning granny flat design. Have a chat with our team, see how we’ve opened up the granny flat and turned it into a Backspace.
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Why choose a Backspace Living Granny Flat?

Sold by the builder

When you visit our display unit, you talk to the builder, not a salesman. Get all the inside info on the design from construction to carpet.

Everything under one roof

All of our design and approvals are handled under our roof which means there’s no ‘he said she said’, and communication is open and direct.

Free on-site Inspections

We get eliminate the ‘grey areas’ and establish the best features before you’ve spent a cent. From Newcastle to Sydney, we are ready for your call.

At Backspace we always have our clients best interests at heart and appreciate you lean on our expert advice. Learn more about the Backspace Living Granny Flats and visit us at our display flat this weekend!

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150 Myall Road,
Cardiff, NSW, 2285


71 Beaconsfield Street,
Newport, NSW, 2109


135a Bulls Garden Road,
Gateshead, NSW, 2290

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Backspace Living, Affordable Designer Granny Flats - Newcastle, Cardiff, Newport, Gateshead

Which Backspace owner are you?

Providing Opportunity

Generous parents are using Backspaces to help the kids out of the house and onto the property ladder.

Rental Homeowners

Homeowners are renting out their Backspaces for extra income, roughly twice their loan repayments in profit!

Savvy Investors

Property investors are using Backspaces to maximise their portfolios and increase rental yields by up to 80%.

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