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Experience the best-designed, most spacious, highest-quality granny flat on the market. SEE OUR DESIGNS
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Visit us at your local display and see for yourself how easy it is to make room for a Backspace. FIND A DISPLAY

Affordable, architecturally designed Backspace Living Granny Flats

Limitless design options

Our builders like nothing better than talking about our architecturally designed granny flats. Let us help you discover your ideal luxury Backspace

Everything under one roof

All of our design and approvals are handled under our roof which means there’s no ‘he said she said’, and communication is open and direct.

Free on-site Inspections

We eliminate the ‘grey areas’ and establish the best features before you’ve spent a cent. From Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Byron Bay to Sydney.

Backspace Living, Affordable Designer Granny Flats

Newcastle, Cardiff, Eastwood, Byron Bay, Gateshead

Have a chat with our team, see how we’ve opened up the granny flat and turned it into a Backspace

Find your nearest display home

Learn more about our architecturally designed Backspace Living Granny Flats and visit us at our display units! 

Newcastle Display

Open every Saturday 11:30-2:30

Eastwood Display

Open every Saturday 9am-12pm

Backspace Living – Luxury Granny Flats, Builders in Byron Bay, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney

Can’t make an open house? Contact us to arrange your own private inspection

Choose from one of our designs or customise one of our affordable designer granny flats to suit your lifestyle and budget.

No-one who sees a Backspace can believe how much space they get with our award-winning granny flat design. Check our latest designs

Sold by the builder

When you visit our show flat, you’ll be talking to a builder, not a salesman. You get all the inside information about every aspect of the design from the first join in the construction to the pile of the carpet.

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