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Granny flat FAQs

Don’t let the government know more than you do about what makes a granny flat such a great investment.

What do you mean about the government and granny flats?

Federal and state governments (led by NSW) are encouraging backyard granny flats as part of the solution to affordable housing. They’ve even passed laws to make it easier to build granny flats.

How big can a granny flat be?

Granny flats can be as large as 60 square metres, but that’s just the indoor space. Your outdoor living space can be expansive as you like. You can even have a garage. We design our granny flats to feel huge with fabulous indoor-outdoor flow.

Can I make changes to your designs?

We want you to love your Backspace, so we like to be flexible with variations. Come and talk to us.

How long does it take to build a granny flat?

We start work on a Monday. Three weeks later, your flat will be fully locked up, and at 12 weeks we’ll hand you the keys. (If it takes any longer, we’ll pay you rent for every week we’re behind schedule.)

Can I have a garage on a granny flat?

You certainly can.

Can I rent out my granny flat?

It’s the smart move for investors. Landlords who build quality granny flats like ours are banking $450 a week or more in rent, which is an amazing return on a loan with repayments that might be as little as $100/week.

Do I need a DA for a granny flat?

Not usually. Most of the time, a granny flat will qualify for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)?

Certain developments—like a granny flat—don’t need a DA provided they fall within criteria set by the government. If they meet those criteria, they receive a CDC within 10 days of application. But sometimes there will be considerations that make a DA necessary. The fastest way to find out whether you’ll need a DA is to give us a call. (And don’t let anyone lock you into a contract before you know for sure whether you’ll get a CDC.)

What’s the process for payment?

Once we know exactly what you want, we’ll ask for a deposit. But—and this is very important— we don’t ask you to sign a contract until after your plans are approved. That way you’re not trapped into a contract months before work can start because you thought you’d get a CDC but you actually need a DA.

I still have questions!

We love helping people navigate the world of options we can offer in a granny flat. Book a time to come to our show flat and talk straight to one of our builders.

Which Backspace owner are you?

Providing Opportunity

Generous parents are using Backspaces to help the kids out of the house and onto the property ladder.

Rental Homeowners

Homeowners are renting out their Backspaces for extra income, roughly twice their loan repayments in profit!

Savvy Investors

Property investors are using Backspaces to maximise their portfolios and increase rental yields by up to 80%.

Is my backyard suitable for a Backspace Granny Flat

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